What To Wear To The Girlboss Rally This Summer

Lauren Black
2 min read
June 11, 2019
What To Wear To The Girlboss Rally This Summer

It’s no secret that in addition to being an experiential wonderland for ambitious women, the Girlboss Rally is also a rather stylish spectacle. Although there’s no official dress code, we encourage every attendee to wear what makes them feel most confident and powerful—which often translates to a fun, trendy twist on business casual with personal flair. But don’t fret if you haven’t quite picked out your version of a power-suit just yet; we’re here to help you make your pick for what to wear to Girlboss Rally—or any work event you want to really show out for.

This year’s only Girlboss Rally is taking place in Los Angeles in June—but don’t let the summertime date make you sweat. Since UCLA is located on the west side of the city, you can expect cooler temperatures than usual in LA. In fact, June averages don’t reach above the 70s (yes, we double checked!), though we still encourage you to triple check your weather app before packing your bags.

What you likely need, no matter what, are: sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfy shoes. This year’s event spreads across the UCLA campus, and although we’ll be in one central location, you may be walking between buildings and hanging out on grassy (but gorgeous) areas. We’d recommend saving your favorite stilettos for dinner, and opting for a comfortable block heel, cute flats or loafers, or your favorite pair of sneakers instead.

Beyond that, the outfit choice is totally yours—but if you’re still in need of some inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few trends that would be perfect for the big weekend.

Tweed touch

We can’t help but feel like summer’s twist on tradition tweed—in all sorts of bright hues and ’80s-inspired silhouettes—was made for this year’s Girlboss Rally. Throw on a colorful, cropped version with your favorite pair of jeans, or rock a full-on set, because why the hell not?

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Printed pants

Don’t be afraid to break out your loudest pair of pants for this event—they’re more than welcome on the Girlboss campus. All you need is a few simple pieces to pair them with and you’ll be ready to totally take on the weekend.

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Power suit

You can’t go wrong with a full-on power suit at the Girlboss Rally—and unsurprisingly, pink tends to be the most popular option, no matter which way you cut it. Make the look your own with a statement tee that starts the conversation for you.

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Feel-good dress

A bright, playful dress is also a fabulous choice for the weekend. Trends like animal print, neon green, and polka dots are all fair game, and will fit in perfectly with all positive Girlboss Rally energy.

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