Self-Care 101: A Checklist To Help You Take Care Of Yourself Right This Instant

The simple stuff can sometimes be the easiest to overlook, but it’s absolutely necessary to lay the groundwork of self-care. That’s why the next installment in our “Self-Care 101” series is all about the small things when taking care of your self. We made a self-care checklist to make it super easy.

Much has been made of the meteoric rise of self-care as an industry, with its expensive colonics and such. But here’s the thing: Despite all the media hubbub of late, self-care actually starts from a very simple place.

In fact, self-care is all about incredibly simple (usually free) acts. If those simple acts of self-care are notaddressed, installing a $16,000 therapeutic float tank in your house is only going to get you so far. As many of us know though, these simple acts are sometimes easier said than done, and some days they’re tougher to remember than others.

To help you keep track of your baseline needs, especially in stressful situations, we put together this self-care checklist for you. Save it, share it, use it, and relish in the sense of baseline well-being that follows.

Self-Care Checklist:

Self Care 101: Where Did “Self-Care” Even Come From?
Self-care is nothing new. In fact, it’s a concept said to have been kicking around since Ancient Greece—used, and indeed misused, in countless ways ever since.
4 min read

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