Doing This One Thing Can Make You Feel More Powerful This Week

Last Wednesday, we prompted you all to introduce some midweek calm into your life by testing out your green thumb and incorporating a new plant into your home. And you all seriously came through with bringing some new plant babies into the world; check ‘em out below for some evergreen inspiration.

As for this week, we’re transitioning from cultivating a sense of calm to cultivating a sense of power, and there may be no simpler way to do that than by incorporating your favorite hue into your weekly routine. So: What if you committed to giving yourself a boost of confidence this week by tapping into your “power color”?

“Color psychology” is a concept used everywhere from branding and marketing to new-age healing, and wide-ranging research supports the notion what we’ve probably all always understood to be true: Colors do really impact how you think and feel.

Especially in the context of our ever-busy lives, it can be tough to feel genuinely powerful. So bring some extra vibrancy into your life by finding your power color. We’re talking full monochromatic looks, if you’re feeling it, or even just painting your favorite piece of furniture a new, compelling color. Check out our #whatifwednesday Pinterest board to get an idea of how creative you can get with a single hue.

Next, show those colors off. Take photos of your all-pink suit at your workplace or your new blue cabinet. Then share them on social media with the hashtags #whatifwednesday, #mypinterest and #girlbossradio. There’s a pretty good chance we’ll share your contribution next week. And that’s not it: We’re also giving away three signed copies of The Girlboss Workbook each week to participants. And you could win a free ticket to the next Girlboss Rally in LA in March 2018.*

And while you’re pondering whether you’re a spiritual purple, a nurturing green, or a dynamic yellow, feel free to peruse some of these beautiful plant babies from last week’s #whatifwednesday challenge to soak up some color inspo from nature.

*For Ts&Cs, check this link out.

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