Why Getting Behind A Microphone Could Be Great For Your Mental Health

We all know a slow, hard song sung at karaoke night can lead to stress. The good news? The exact opposite kind of thing tends to happen when you’re singing with your friends. Turns out, singing with a group means tapping into something prehistoric in your brain that may lessen feelings of depression and loneliness and actually makes you measurably happier.

Recent research indicates that there’s something built into the human psyche that makes us happier and healthier when we’re singing in groups. It boosts endorphins and oxytocin (no, not the one you’re thinking of, this one) and long-term singers are even seen to have lower levels of cortisol in their bodies, indicating lower levels of stress.

Singing has long been a form of communication across cultures, and now we communicate in this form everywhere from places of worship to karaoke. But if this isn’t something you actively do in your every day life, you definitely should try it.

Some fun ways to include group singing? Go to a movie sing-alongs, perform at an open mic with a group of friends, book a private karaoke room with some colleagues, or joining a community choir.

You might just find yourself reaching peek Charlie Brown Christmas happiness. And if you’re tone deaf? Don’t worry, your friend’s dulcet tones will drown you out.

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