Meet Our Latest Girlboss Grant Winner: LULAH

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November 19, 2019
Meet Our Latest Girlboss Grant Winner: LULAH

Ibada Wadud’s mission is not a simple one: She wants previously incarcerated women to have access to the fashion industry, as well as the tools that will allow them to thrive within it. But having hard conversations around prison reform and the exclusivity of her industry are all in a day’s work for Wadud. She is the founder of LULAH, a handbag company that has created a curriculum and provides jobs for formerly incarcerated women—and garnered support from brands like Kate Spade, Philip Lim 3.1, Adidas, Mara Hoffman, and more. Now that her first class has graduated, the NYC-based entrepreneur is ready to expand her business model and create even more opportunities for the women she considers to be “unsung heroes.”

Find out how the recent Girlboss Grant winner brought her brand to fruition, the most rewarding moments of her journey, and what she plans to do with her grant funds.