The Girlboss Rally
A conference and community for ambitious women. Please note future live events are on hold as we closely monitor coronavirus gathering guidelines.
Feel The Energy
What Past Attendees Had To Say:

“If you've ever chosen to take the scary, uncertain, slightly irrational path of being an entrepreneur, you're going to need a boost every now and then. You're going to need reassurance. You're going to need a reminder that you're not alone and that it's all worth it. The Girlboss Rally was my reminder. So many bad bitches in one place. So much inspiration in one place. So much "keep going" in one place. I'm on fire, and even when I feel like giving up, nope. We here. I'm here. It's here.”

“This weekend was one I will never forget. To be surrounded by like-minded, motivated, and kind women was amazing. I am a stronger boss than I was Friday and I'm ready to be an even better leader to my team and the world."

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A professional network for ambitious women.
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