Apple's About To Blow Your Mind With A Ton Of New Emoji

 Who needs words anymore? 

Who needs words anymore? 

The ever-expanding universe of emoji just got a little bigger today in celebration of World Emoji Day, held annually on July 17, duh.

Apple announced a brand new bunch of new emoji which includes "Woman with Headscarf," "Bearded Person" and "Breastfeeding," as well as food items like "Sandwich" and "Coconut." Where have they been all our lives?

More animals and mythical creature emoji like "Zombie" and "Elf" are gonna make your Game Of Thrones discussions with your friends way easier. 

There's no official release date, but you can likely look forward to them when the iPhone operating system iOS 11 is released in the fall.

Words: Tori Borengasser
Photos: Apple/Composite