The Perfect Workspace


Whether you hustle from a cubicle or handle your business from a home office, your work environment is super important to your productivity, creativity, and all-round happiness. Here are a few tips for getting your space in order, and some gorgeous pics to inspire you do to just that.

Make Sure It is an Actual Workspace

Don't try to work from your couch, backyard, or bed: that way disaster lies. If you work from home then it's essential that you dedicate a space - even if it's just a desk in the corner - to your professional pursuits. That way you can turn up when it's time for work and (crucially) 'leave' when the working day is done - even if leaving just means walking from desk to kitchen table.

Let the Light In

The right lighting is crucial for staying focused and energized. If you can work in a light-filled room or by a window; perfect. If not, then invest in a good desk lamp to save your poor, laptop-strained eyes.

Keep It Clean!

Ordered space, ordered mind. Invest in some cute storage and dedicate a home for everything you need to do your work - whether that means watercolors or manilla folders. At the end of each day, spend a little time getting everything spic and span for the next morning. You'll be so much more productive for it.

Support Yourself

If your work is sedentary, be sure to sit in a proper, supportive chair (or maybe even consider a standing desk, if you're that way inclined...) In 15 years, your back will thank you for it.

Stay Inspired

Moodboards are great for keeping you on track with your daily hustle and passion projects. Go through magazines and tear out any images, phrases or words that catch your eye and generally make you feel some type of way. Tack everything onto a pinboard. Refresh often.

Don't Be Scared of a Little Decadence

Your workspace is where you get sh*t done, but that doesn't mean it needs to feel like a prison cell. Add some incense, fresh flowers, or a scented candle to make working feel more like a pleasure than a chore...

WorkNazmul Hassan