Meet the Girlboss: Roselli // Ilano Design



Hey Girlboss! Please introduce yourself and fill us in on your project.

I'm Roseli Ilano from Oakland, California. I'm the founder of ILANO design, a textile design house focused on blending modern design with traditional weaving techniques. We partner with women weavers from around the globe to offer living wages, and a platform to bring their craft to an international fashion audience. My goal is to design heirloom textiles our customers can love forever, and pass down because of their enduring quality. Our rugs and handbags are truly artisanal, woven in small batches on pedal looms with naturally derived dyes and organic wool. I love my job because I get the honor of collaborating with a team of such inspiring (and badass) women!

How will the GIRLBOSS Foundation grant help you achieve your goals?

As an emerging brand it can be challenging for people to find you. The GIRLBOSS grant is a game changer and will allow us to bring our new line of backpacks, purses, and clutches to market and exhibit at a tradeshow for the very first time. Currently we sell directly to our customers online and a handful of shops. My goal is to build our stockists across the country and up until this point, attending tradeshows to meet buyers has been cost prohibitive.

The GIRLBOSS grant will also be focused on building out our promotions and social media presence. I'm excited to find new ways to share our story and connect with our customers online and IRL.

What's your ultimate dream?

I want to innovate the way we style our homes and how we style our wardrobes to include sustainable, ethically produced textiles, and create jobs that empower women. My dream is to keep expanding and growing the business to partner with more artisans in more countries so we can offer our customers not just textiles, but handcrafted shoes, jewelry, and clothing. I'm passionate about what ILANO Design stands for and I want to prove that a mission-driven business can be fashion forward and successful. It would also be a dream come true to have our bags sold at Nasty Gal!

And lastly, your favorite piece of advice from the #GIRLBOSS book - and why?!

I really identified with Sophia's path: one that was not straightforward. Through it all she never gave up, and her words to remain "curious and honest" ring so true. I struggled my whole life to find my path and something I was good at. Not only was my path NOT straight, it was full of repeated mistakes I didn't learn from because I wasn't honest with myself. Starting ILANO Design has been the thing I am most proud of in my life, and Sophia's advice to remain curious and honest, to never lose sight of the wonder in your path kept me inspired on some of the hardest days of building this business.