Meet the Girlboss: Monica // Athena Digital Design



Hey Girlboss! Please introduce yourself and fill us in on your project.

Hi, My name is Monica Powell. I’m a Psychology major, dog lover and #GIRLBOSS. I am currently co-managing the Athena Digital Design Agency (ADDA). ADDA is a student-run web development and training agency advised by Entrepreneurs@Athena, a project of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College. The Athena’s Digital Design Agency’s mission is to champion and inspire women on their journey into coding literacy through web development. We recently publicly launched our agency-side. By purchasing an ADDA website, you take your small business or project online while also supporting the next generation of female technologists.

This summer, ADDA will be preparing for our next cohort of students. We are constantly refining our curriculum to be both comprehensive in its content and manageable for full-time students. Next semester, we will be offering a more advanced course in Ruby on Rails in addition to our current courses in HTML/CSS (Introduction to Web Development Course) and JavaScript/jQuery (Interactive Web Development).

How will the GIRLBOSS Foundation grant help you achieve your goals?

The grant will enable Athena Digital Design to train more ladies and also provide additional resources to our students and agency members!

What's your ultimate dream?

I want to be a philanthropist and world-traveler, but first I want to be my own boss and explore new frontiers in a job that truly blends my interests. Among other things, I am interested in psychology, visual arts and web development, and the increasingly interdisciplinary nature of technology.

And lastly, your favorite piece of advice from the #GIRLBOSS book - and why?!

My favorite advice in #GIRLBOSS is the idea that if you want something you have to ask for it - and then if you don’t get the answer you wanted the first time, you should ask again. I really enjoyed reading about Sophia Amoruso’s interaction with Jeffrey Campbell and Sam Eldeman, when she was unafraid to re-approach both of the brands after initially being told ‘No’. Now, Nasty Gal is one of Jeffrey Campbell’s biggest customers, all because Sophia was not afraid to be persistent: The answer is always no, unless you ask. But, #GIRLBOSS takes this advice to the next level and tells us that a ‘no’ will likely remain a ‘no’, unless you ask again. I think it’s important for entrepreneurs to be unafraid about asking for what they want, not just once but several times in several different ways.