Meet the Girlboss: Christin Chang // CHRISU


Introducing successful GIRLBOSS Foundation grant recipient, Christin!

Hey Girlboss! Please introduce yourself and fill us in on your project.

My name is Christin Chang, I’m 28 years old and I currently live in West Hartford, Connecticut. I am a part-time wife and the full-time designer of Chrisu scarves. I launched in 2012 and now I work throughout the day (and sometimes night!) on my scarf business. With my background in Fine Art, I wanted to design a hand illustrated silk scarf line that is more contemporary, yet still timeless and chic. I've noticed that living in a highly digitalized world, we see less and less hand painted things, so I wanted to reintroduce them in a fun and modern way.

Tell us about your successful GIRLBOSS Foundation application - what did you submit/make/do?!

My dream is to to extend my scarf line into a luxury pajama line. I'm always working from home in pajamas and when I get shipments or mail, I often feel embarrassed and have to cover myself up while running fast enough to catch the mailman in time. One day, I thought it would be nice to make a silk pajama line out of my scarves - something I can wear in and out of the office without feeling embarrassed because they’re THAT pretty. Being a silk scarf designer, I thought it would be perfect to design pajamas out of my silk scarf designs. I proposed that idea to the GIRLBOSS Foundation with detailed sketches and a timeline. I guess Sophia liked what she saw!

How will the GIRLBOSS Foundation grant help you achieve your goals?

As an emerging brand it can be hard to find your place in the spotlight, so I’m hoping that the GIRLBOSS foundation will help introduce our label to a larger audience. The grant itself will enable me to create my first batch of samples - saving up to make them can take years, so this assistance is giving me a BIG shortcut!

What's your ultimate dream?

To be a successful CEO and an artist - I love being in a creative environment and I never want to lose that element of my work. For me, success would be seeing random people on the street wearing my scarves/pajamas. Also, even though it’s still a very small portion right now, our business sponsors LINK (Liberty in North Korea), which helps North Korean refugees reach freedom. I would love to see Chrisu grow into a successful fashion and philanthropic brand that knows how to give back.

Your favorite piece of advice from #GIRLBOSS and why?

'If you believe that what you're doing will have positive results, it will. Even if it's not immediately obvious.' Many people expect their businesses to develop in a fast forward mode but they don't realize there are more slower days where nothing happens. During those slow times in my business, this quote helped me stay encouraged. I am slowly learning that starting a business is like running a marathon: You have to think longterm and find your pace without giving up. The longer you are in the race, more opportunities will come and you just have to believe that!

Stay tuned to to follow Christin's GIRLBOSS journey!

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