Kelly Mullens Brown Rarely Gives Interviews—But Her Advice Is Priceless

 A legend in her natural habitat—on a 40-mile hike.

A legend in her natural habitat—on a 40-mile hike.

If you haven’t heard of Kelly Mullens Brown, that’s not a coincidence. The executive prefers to stay behind the scenes. Usually, anyway.

As a friend and mentor to Sophia Amoruso, the president of Strategy, Marketing and Communications at Ryan Seacrest Enterprises made an exception, giving a rare interview on Girlboss Radio this week. 

What we learned from her was both illuminating and inspiring. 

Mullens Brown didn’t have an easy childhood. But she credits it with making her grow up really quickly—and pushing her to become the powerhouse leader she is today.

On an average day, she can be found negotiating one of Seacrest’s many talent and endorsement deals, or overseeing the expansion of his crazy-successful menswear line, or leading the change to build a diverse portfolio of media, entertainment, tech and lifestyle businesses under the Seacrest name. Usually, all three and then some.

On this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, Mullens Brown shares her experience, insight and observations generously, having forged her own path, her own way. She tells Sophia exactly how she worked her ass off to get to where she is today.


She also pushes us to reframe the way we think about negotiation. She admits she's still not great at it, or always comfortable doing it. But for the love of God, remember: "You are not going to get anything you don't ask for." 

Touching on the gender wage gap (it’s worse than we usually frame it to be), difficult bosses, the importance of women supporting other women, and her own battle with cancer, Mullens Brown’s chat will leave you motivated and determined to remember the importance of “grace.”

Why “grace,” you might ask? She uses the same word multiple times throughout the interview and it’s easy to see how she embodies it. Rather than list her many impressive accomplishments, Mullens Brown took this rare public interview as an opportunity to thank the people who’ve helped her along the way—her step mom and Ryan Seacrest among others.

It's the perfect reminder that despite’s being surrounded by “I’s” and “Me’s,” we’re all on this crazy ride together. 

Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photos: Courtesy/Composite