#GirlbossRadio: Charlize Theron, Actress, Producer, Activist, Mother


I am so excited to announce our debut episode of #GirlbossRadio, our new podcast. Our first guest is Charlize Theron, a friend, mother, actor, activist, and producer. We discuss her life trajectory from teenage ballerina to model to naive teenager with a one-way ticket to Hollywood to the incredible woman she is today.

"When we as Girlbosses do things for the right reasons, and for good reasons, we pick good fruits"
"And I was eating, like pints of Haagen-Dazs, just sitting on the couch. And my mom flew out and said 'you can do this, by the way, in South Africa. We have a couch. We have ice cream. What are you doing? '"
"Of all the complex female roles I've played to date, being a mother is by far my favorite."

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