How To Land Your Dream Job (An Illustrated Guide)


How to knock the socks off your potential employers—from cover letter to follow-up. Borrowed from The Girlboss Workbook, which drops October 24.

Make some room next to your shelf-worn copy of #GIRLBOSS, because The Girlboss Workbook by Sophia Amoruso is almost here. What is The Girlboss Workbook, you ask?

It's essentially the wisdom of #GIRLBOSS broken down into an interactive journal for winning at life—so you can literally scribble down your wildest, hairiest, most ambitious goals, figure out what you need to work on, and get straight down to it.

It's packed with worksheets, actionable strategie, LOLs and no-bullshit advice to set you on your path to ultimate career domination. 

Below, catch (and save) a little sample that takes a head-first dive into how you can land your dream job, from your initial outreach to the follow-up. Check it out and then order your copy here.

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Cover Letter 2.jpg