Girlboss Viewing


Spend this weekend vegging out on Netflix the #GIRLBOSS way, with one of these inspiring docs and films.


Julia Roberts stars in the true story of real life badass Erin Brockovich, who took on energy behometh PG&E in her quest to gain justice for families affected by the company's malpractice. Full of great one-liners and incredible push-up bra moments.


Style lessons and life lessons courtesy of Diane Keaton, who plays the eponymous leading lady of this classic Woody Allen flick. Annie might start off as neurotic as her onscreen boyfriend Alvy Singer, but by the end of it she's an independent woman who has her own thing going on and won't take him back.


Hilary Swank plays Maggie Fitzgerald, a waitress from Missouri who will stop at nothing in her mission to become a pro boxer. Expect blood, sweat, and tears (and a spectacular performance from Swank, who won the Best Actress Oscar for her role).


Salma Hayek is as dazzling as ever in this biopic about the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who painted her way through serious pain and illness, managed to make unibrows look chic, and basically invented the selfie. What a woman.


If you're in the mood for a documentary, then PBS's epic MAKERS has you covered.The three part series tells the story of women's struggle for equality in the US over the past century, and features interviews with #GIRLBOSSes from Diane Von Furstenburg to Judy Blume. Mandatory viewing (especially as it's all up on NETFLIX).

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