Playlist: Put These Rad Girl Groups Of The '60s On High Rotation RN

The Ronettes: Hair and music goals forever.

The Ronettes: Hair and music goals forever.

The '60s produced some of the sweetest pop tunes of all time, but the era's doo wop-fuelled girl groups and all-female garage bands didn't shy away from real world themes or rebelliousness.

Like riot grrl, or grew up on the female-fronted alternative bands of the '90s? Then you'll love this historical tour of the '60s best, and weirdest all-girl vocal groups and garage-y rock bands.

Take The Shaggs—once described in Rolling Stone as "sounding like lobotomized Trapp Family singers." The sloppy, nonsensical arrangements and "singing" the teen girl band developed, grew a cult following in a time before the phrased "DIY" or "punk" had even been invented.

Was the sound intentionally bad—a gimmick invented by the group's father? It's hotly disputed, but "Philosophy of the World" is a joy either way. 

From the perfectly jangling pop of The Tammys, to the dramatic harmonies of The Shangri Las and The Ronettes, to the underrated badassness of The Ikettes—the below playlist was made in the spirit of playing loud when you're feeling incredibly extra. Please enjoy!

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Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photo: Masters/
Paul Naylor/Redferns