Get Your Money Right


A wise woman once said that "money looks better in the bank than on your feet". Real talk. If you're struggling to manage your finances, then don't stress it - there's an app for that. Here are three of our current faves.


Budget. There's an unsexy word if ever we wrote one. But the reality is that every successful #GIRLBOSS spends within her means, and staying out of debt is actually super empowering. Mint organizes and categorizes your finances so you can easily see where you're overspending, and figure out where all your hard-earned cash actually goes. Warning: you may never buy a guilt-free latte again.


If you're the type of gal who's always forgetting to pay yo' billz then, well, you really need to stop being that type of girl. Late payments often incur penalties, always cause stress, and can affect your credit rating. Get your sh*t together with a little help from Check, which reminds you when you have an upcoming bill and even lets you link a debit card to pay directly within the app (although that'll cost ya). Gotta love technology, right?


Nothing ruins a nice dinner with friends faster than that awkward situation when it's time to split the bill. Enter Splitwise, which easily helps you split bills and expenses with as many people as you need to, keep track of shared costs, and even send IOUS to friends who also have the app. It's perfect for stress-free money management with your room mates and (best of all) it's totally free. Kerching!

MoneyNazmul Hassan