This App Might Finally Get You Off Your Damn Phone While Driving

Seriously, don't do it. That ish isn't safe.

Seriously, don't do it. That ish isn't safe.

The Focus app literally yells at you when you use your phone while driving, and therefore it's our App of the Week. 

Do you have that one friend who yells at you when you pick up the phone in your car? Well, good. That's just them being a sensible friend.

But we can't bring someone with us on every drive you take. So Focus has got you covered: This app will annoyingly, and persistently, put an end to your bad habit of checking your phone while driving.

Distracted driving of any kind if dangerous. We should all stop applying mascara and eating our breakfast in traffic. But texting is on a whole other level. A study by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) showed that sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds. That's the equivalent of driving blind at 55 mph for the length of an entire football field. #nope

So if you want to keep yourself from ever doing that again, Focus could help.

App developer Kevin Holesh's very stern voice knows when you're driving, and will admonish you for picking up your phone. For a $4.99 in-app purchase, you can even download a Pro feature where the voiceovers "might get a little angry."


It's even helpful for checking GPS. It makes sure you're not looking at the phone too long when checking any one thing. "Lock your phone when you're driving. If you're not driving, shake your phone!" it says.

It's actually quite jarring. But in a good way. That phone is down immediately.

Of course, with an easy shake, or by turning the location settings off, you can keep this from being an issue in a friend's car or Uber. But if you're driving, tough luck. Kevin will not let you get away with it.

Words: Eva Grant
Image: Courtesy