Doing This ONE Thing Can Re-energize Your Entire Week

 Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Happy Hump Day! You know what that means: Now's your chance to shake up your #whatifwednesday with some liquid inspo.

Last week, we hacked into our own takeout habits to recreate our fave meals—spreading our wings in the kitchen a little, as well as save some time and money. Check out all the budding chefs below, as well as some culinary wonders from Team Girlboss.

This week, we're continuing on the food-and-bev theme, but we're mixing it up a little—literally. So, what if you invested in your personal growth by switching up your standard, go-to beverage game this week? 

We all love our morning coffee and tea, of course, but even the smallest of changes can bring about unexpected ideas. Crafting a new energy-boosting drink may mean adding life-giving turmeric to your morning coffee, or making your own energizing mocktail at lunchtime with some fresh cucumber and basil. Fresh ingredients = fresh perspective.

Take a look at our #whatifwednesday Pinterest board for some drink recipe inpso that’ll shake up your week for the better with just one small change. Then, share a pic with us on Instagram Use the hashtags #whatifwednesday, #mypinterest and #girlbossradio, and we'll share your contribution here on the site.

And for even more motivation: We’ll be sending out three signed copies of The Girlboss Workbook each week to those who participate, and you could win a ticket to the next Girlboss Rally in LA in March 2018!*

Ready to mix up your routine? Get yourself to try something new with this #whatifwednesday challenge and see how refreshed your week can feel. 

Oh, and if you’re still looking to jump on the DIY-takeout train, check out all the creative culinary whizzes below.

Here’s my homemade chicken enchiladas with all the works #girlbossradio #whatifwednesday #mypinterest

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Words: Eva Grant
Photo: Stocksy