Dressing the Part


In #GIRLBOSS, we learned all about Sophia's adventures (and misadventures) in style, and it goes without saying that you should own your look in everything you do. However, professional scenarios usually call for appropriate attire - whether that means a two-piece power suit or a pair of workman boots. If you're struggling to pull together your working wardrobe, allow us to provide a little inspiration from Nasty Gal's current selection.

If your office calls for formal attire.

Nasty Gal Modding Off Blouse

If you work from home, and want to make the dressing process as painless (and chic!) as possible

Hideaway Shirtdress

If you're doing physical work and you need clothes that let you move.

Lynne Culottes

If you work outside and need to stay cosy (but still cute, obv).

Nasty Gal Ride Away Sherpa Coat

If you want to walk into an important meeting and slay 'em.

Nasty Gal Forte Dress

WorkNazmul Hassan