Need An Instant Hit Of The Warm And Fuzzies? Try This One Simple Act Today

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Ready to step outside the same ol’, same ol’? Your next #whatifwednesday challenge, should you choose to accept, has arrived.

Last week, we asked our readers and Girlboss Radio listeners to take some time away from the daily grind to do something super simple, yet frustratingly elusive: Read for pleasure. You all delivered, and then some.

The relaxation vibes rolled in on a wave of inspiration and thought-provoking commentary. Check out the titles everyone was loving below, including some brain-prodding picks from Team Girlboss.

Ready for today’s #whatifwednesday challenge? It’s a super sweet one: You know your bestie is a true gem. She’s your ride or die—the one that always keeps it 100, who knows exactly how to make you laugh, and is there for you no matter how sticky the situation. What if you tried surprising her with some flowers this week? Or if flowers aren’t your thing, you could write your favourite gal a “thank you” note, or a love letter. Maybe even a funny haiku.

It’s a small gesture that sends a big message, and taking some extra time and effort to let her know how much you value her friendship is going to make you feel like a zillion bucks.

Peep our #whatifwednesday Pinterest board for some floral and thoughtful gift inspo that’s just as spirit-lifting and stunning as your bud is. Once you pick out your petals, or write your note, take a photo and tag ‘em on Insta with the hashtags #whatifwednesday, #girlbossradio and #mypinterest to show us your offering.

We’ll be sharing our favorites right here, plus, we’re giving away three copies of The Girlboss Workbook each week and a ticket to the next Girlboss Rally in LA!*

Get out there and smell the roses.

And why not pick out some fresh fleurs for yourself while you’re at it? And make like the people below, and get reacquainted with of these bound babies. The perfect self-date if there ever was one. Here’s how you guys shared your fave books this week. Thank you for the inspo.

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Stay tuned right here to keep trying new stuff every #whatifwednesday over the next seven weeks, and watch your productivity, enthusiasm, and inspiration *bloom.*

*For Ts&Cs, check this link out.

Words: Deena Drewis
Photo: Daria Kobayashi Ritch