Your #WhatIfWednesday Challenge This Week Delivers Serious Brain Food

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

It’s that time again, bbs: #whatifwednesday is your chance to step out of your comfort zone and into a more productive, more inspired you.

Last week, you all dazzled us as you did the pony, jazzercised and step-touched your way to a refreshed approach to your week—a lil’ boost of positivity and productivity that only spandex and side ponytails can bring. Check out the awesome examples below from all the go-getters that peeped our #whatifwednesday Pinterest board for inspo.

Ready to move on to this week’s challenge? Hope so, because it’s a good (and super simple) one.

Question: What if you took a breather from the noise of the news cycle and social media to invest in some personal growth? If you’re not sure where to start, worry not, because we got you.

One surefire way to spend some time working on you is to ~read a book.~ For fun. When was the last time you gave yourself the time and permission to do that?!

Head over to our #whatifwednesday Pinterest board to get some ideas on what riveting, thought-provoking book you’ll want to pick up today. Then, take a deep dive into those pages and let that wisdom seep right into your skin.

Share your experience on Instagram using the hashtags #whatifwednesday #girlbossradio and #mypinterest. You could very well end up in an article on the site next week, or on social media.

By way of saying thanks for giving this a go, we’re also giving away three signed copies of The Girlboss Workbook every week. And that’s not all: You'll have a chance to win a ticket to our next Girlboss Rally in LA.*

Better start turning those pages, brainiacs!

Oh, and if you want to rewind for a sec and see all the *excellent* aerobics content that came in last week—including some top-notch jazz hands from Team Girlboss—keep scrolling.

Updating my résumé with @fitarts 💥😆 #whatifwednesday #girlbossradio

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Ready to give yourself that kick in the butt you’ve been waiting for? Try something new this #whatifwednesday and each one hereafter for the next eight weeks—and reap the mental, emotional and physical benefits that trying something new can bring. Get busy, bookworms!

*For Ts&Cs, check this link out.

Words: Deena Drewis