Beat the Slump


We all know that health is wealth, and it's pretty hard to stay Girlbossin' when your energy levels are shot. Aside from all the usual advice (sleep well, eat right, do some damn exercise), what else can you do to keep it on one hundred, all day long? Allow us to make a few suggestions.


Sniffing essentials oils can push you through that 4pm slump without resorting to an end-of-day, coffee of shame. For a quick boost, try Eucalyptus, Rosemary, or Peppermint.


Warning: Misting is addictive, and once you get started you may find it hard to stop. On the upside, a quick mist of your favorite spray can help you feel way more alert (and look all dewy and awesome). Try the beauty editors' fave Caudalie Beauty Elixir, or keep it all natural with Heritage Store's Rosewater Spray.


It's hard to feel sleepy when you're in motion. Duck outside your office for a quick ten minute walk, grab a few lungfuls of air, and then head back inside to your desk feeling ready for anything.


B Vitamins are crucial for energy levels (they facilitate the creation of new cells and aid the metabolism), yet many of us are deficient in them. For a quick B vit boost, get a liquid from and drop that stuff straight onto your tongue. Zing!


Mother Nature offers plenty of wholesome alternatives to another can of Diet Coke. Try Ginseng capsules, Matcha green tea (full of antioxidants), or an energy shake made with Maca powder - a Peruvian root that's known to boost energy and libido. Now that's what we call a win win.

(Btw you should totally consult a doctor before trying any supplements - even natural ones - that you've read about here or elsewhere online. Just sayin'!)

WellnessNazmul Hassan