Babes Against the Machine: The Rundown



The weekend before last, we ran a competition in which you could win a brand new Volvo and a $10,000 Nasty Gal giftcard by, um, standing with your hands on the car for a really long time. The idea was inspired by this amazing documentary, and the fact that in the early days of Nasty Gal, Sophia barreled back and forth between San Francisco and LA in her old-ass Volvo (with no cup holders) on merch buying trips. Considering how much that Volvo meant to Sophia, it only seemed fitting to pay it forward.

So a bunch of #GIRLBOSSes gathered on the Santa Monica Pier, and the last hand standing belonged to Jacqueline Ramos, who managed to keep her hand on the car from 12pm on Saturday to 10.20am on Monday morning. That's 46 hours of nonstop contact, in which she maintained a zen-like level of focus (and possibly played a few sneaky mind games on her fellow competitors). Moral support came from Jacqueline's friend Catherine, who stayed with her the entire time to provide food and moral support—true friendship and legit boss behavior if ever we saw it.

Clearly Jacqueline was in it to win it from the start, although it must be noted that Chelsea Bruno (aka the 'Party God') also put in a pretty impressive performance. In fact, she maintained contact with the Volvo for just as long as Jacqueline, but was disqualified on Monday morning for breaching the 'no talking' rule. Bummer.

Special shout outs go to their competitors Tina Sapszian (a true crowd favorite), Nicole Bible (part of a stellar mother-daughter team), Stacey Lassman (who endured sunburn to stay in the competition), Desirae Rubow (who danced so hard she removed her hand and was disqualified. But what a way to go!), Emily Tia (who supported the other girls after she was disqualified), Danielle Lowe (a true trouper), and Sammy Chung (total sweetheart) and everyone who came down to watch!

BuzzNazmul Hassan