Ask a #Girlboss: Boycrazy Alexi Wasser


You have #girlbossproblems. IMBOYCRAZY'S Alexi Wasser has solutions!

IMBOYCRAZY's Alexi Wasser is full of good advice. Like, positively overflowing with it. Luckily for us, she has enough to share between her website (hilarious, if you didn't already know), radio show, YouTube videos, the #GIRLBOSS book, and now here right here on the #GIRLBOSS blog. Don't say we never do anything for you!


How do I get the attention of my dream company?


Email them! Or ask around and see if you have any friends or friends of friends who are connected to the company you're dying to work for, who can refer you or do a three way email introduction.

Be brave, but not desperate. If you are the best at what you do, know your worth and hopefully your dream company will recognize that too. If you're able to get an interview, be on time. Put yourself together so you look effortlessly chic; nothing risqué or tawdry that takes the focus off of making it clear you're the one for the job - unless the dream job you're applying for is Madame or prostitute; In which case, showcase those boobs and buns, gurl! (If you don't know that I'm joking, I'm worried for you.)

Anyways, back to the interview: be presentable, polite, no sarcasm or jokes that can be misinterpreted. You can do that later, after you have the job already, at the company party two years down the road, when you get too drunk and end up sleeping with the boss. (Again, I'm joking.) The point is: hustle! Go after what you want. Don't be lazy or act entitled. I hate that! Who the hell do you think you are?! Be charming, motivated, and determined to be the best at whatever it is you think you want to do.


How do I keep from going crazy when unemployed?


Well, you wake up early every morning and do one thing every single day towards getting a job. And if you're freaking out about money, you can always file for unemployment. Yes, at first you may be embarrassed and filled with pride, but if you're eligible for it - why not? It's your money anyways. That's what it's there for.

Aside from that, don't go out to bars and clubs during your down time. There's nothing to celebrate. Now is the time to focus. And drinking and drugging is only gonna hurt you more and keep you from getting your shit together. Seriously. It's a shitty look. Go on a walk every day, save your money, and brain storm about what you need to do to make your dreams come true and not be a loser. Contribute to the world. Whatever it may be! Contribute whatever special thing it is that only you can bring; whatever it is that you are best at; whatever comes naturally to you and brings you joy.

"Don't be nervous, be of service." I heard Snoop Dogg say that in some weird YouTube clip one time. Meditate on that. The time is NOW!!!


I'm boy-crazy, too. How am I supposed to stay focused on my work?!


If you are successful and very passionate about what you do, and NOT actively seeking out a guy (read: desperate) the best and right men will find YOU! To me, 'boycrazy' and naming my brand that- refers to a time in your life and an overall timeless energy that actually symbolizes being hormonal, passionate, excited about life/sex/falling in love, etc.But you should always be YOU CRAZY first and foremost. So turn your focus back to yourself and all the things you want to do and accomplish in your life; be it write & direct a movie, produce an album, own a company, open a restaurant, publish a book, go to Bora Bora, buy a house, WHATEVER they may be...

Trust that along your journey towards accomplishing YOUR goals, a great guy will intersect with your path along the way. Even if it seems like it's forever; remember learning to have patience when it comes to love is also useful as far as your career is concerned, too. But like, on days when you've done good work towards achieving your goals and you feel you've earned it: you can always go out with your friends and make out with someone. Just don't get pregnant, please! #BeCareful

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