You'll Never Forget To Pack Underwear On A Trip Again, With This App

 TFW you get to the airport and you don't have your license :(

TFW you get to the airport and you don't have your license :(

Before you head on out that last trip of the summer, make sure you're bags are fully packed with our "App of the Week," Packr.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: You’re finally, finally on vacation, and after day one of sitting on the beach, giving your work-worn butt the much-needed rest it deserves, you head up to your room to shower, only to discover you forgot to pack any underwear.

Which is fine! Because what is a bathing suit, but the most washable species of underwear in the world? And anyway, your vacation persona is like, extremely chill and not at all uptight about these kinds of things.

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But also: You forgot contact solution. Oh, and Band-aids. Because you knew those new vacation sandals were going to give you blisters. And yet you forgot to pack them.

Enter Packr, a new app that’s about to remedy your packing woes from here on out and save you serious money on needing to buy overpriced toiletries in your destination city.

To start, you simply enter the city you’re headed to, along with the dates and whether the trip is for business or pleasure. The next screen prompts you to select what kind of accommodation you’ll be in (which is key, considering you’ll need significantly different supplies, if you’re camping than if you’re staying in a hotel).  


It’ll then ask for your mode of transportation and planned activities, which the app uses to curate a packing list for your trip. And it’s impressively specific.

If you’re staying in a rental, for instance, it’ll remind you to bring toilet paper. And if you’re taking a plane, it creates a list with ear plugs, and eye mask and a neck pillow.

When the big trip is finally on the horizon, it’ll send you push notifications to remind you that it’s probably a good time to start getting your bags together. And on top of all that, it keeps tabs on the weather forecast, so you can adjust your vacay wardrobe accordingly.

There’s even an option to check out nearby attractions, complete with pricing and predictions on whether certain activities are going to sell out.

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The basic version is quite comprehensive, IMO, and it’s free.

But if you want to take your packing game to the next level so that you can create customized packing lists and sync to all your various devices, a premium version is available for $1.99. Download it here.

Words: Deena Drewis
Photos: Courtesy / GIPHY