Be The Travel Guide You've Always Dreamed Of With This Mapping App

 Your vacation planning convos just got a whole lot easier (and more fun.)

Your vacation planning convos just got a whole lot easier (and more fun.)

App of the week: Design shareable, collaborative maps that let you have the best experience in the city you're in.

You know that one place you’ve been meaning to try, that you read about in some article, but now you can’t remember the name of it or where you read it? Or that time you went on the most magical vacation and ate at the most magical mom-and-pop restaurant, but it you never wrote down the address or name?

Mapstr is here to remedy that particular strain of FOMO. It's an app that lets you create custom maps filled with restaurants, museums, hotels, friends’ houses, restaurants—essentially anything that has an address—for your own personal reference or to share with friends and family who are coming into town to visit. 

Here’s how it works: The app identifies your location (or else you can manually set a location) and you start searching for the spots you have in mind. If you’re walking around at the time, you can also take photos of addresses and it’ll aggregate additional information for you.


The app then pulls up all sorts of handy info for each location: A phone number, a website, and even photos. You also have the option of having your phone notify you if you happen to pass by a location that you’ve saved to your map.

The maps are shareable, so it’s a brilliant app for occasions like group trips out of town, where everyone can collaboratively add restaurants, bars and other spots of interest they want to try. Just think of how much Google mapping time this could save you on your next weekend away.

Best of all? It’s free. Download it here.

Words: Deena Drewis