Your #WhatIfWednesday Challenge This Week Is Gonna Make You Sweat

 Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

Presented in partnership with Pinterest.

My, how quickly a week goes by. It’s already Wednesday?! TBH, that’s excellent news because Wednesdays have been officially renamed #whatifwednesday and they’re all about trying new things.

Last week, we debuted our very first #whatifwednesday challenge, in which we invited our readers (and ourselves) to start the day feeling productive and powerful. How? By planning out our ~power outfits~ in advance, and stepping out into the world as fearless as we are fashionable. And after hitting up Girlboss’ #whatifwednesday Pinterest board, you guys did not disappoint. Keep scrolling to see how it went down.

But first, good news! We have a new productivity challenge for you this week. Ready for your “what if?” Here we go. What if you started off your day right this Wednesday, by getting positive and energized? We’re talking dancing, cute outfits and sweet retro bangers. We’re talking about 80s style workouts. Old school aerobicise is back.

Here’s how to try it out for yourself. Just head to our #whatifwednesday board where you’ll find plenty of outfits, music and workout inspiration to get you started. Then, all you need to do is make a space in your living room, and get sweaty, Betty!

Share your experience on Instagram using the hashtags #whatifwednesday #girlbossradio and #mypinterest. We could feature you on this very website next week, or on social media. And to say thank you, we’re giving away three signed copies of The Girlboss Workbook every week. f you participate by 10/26 at 11:59PM PST you can win a ticket to the next Girlboss Rally in NYC. And if you keep on participating, you'll have another chance to win a ticket to our next Girlboss Rally in LA.* Go forth!

But for an extra boost of inspiration, keep reading. Because Team Girlboss got in the spirit by wearing our most bossed up ensembles to the office this week. Take our editors, Deena and Jerico for example.

And this Girlboss staffer (look familiar?) had a very powerful time too.  


And elsewhere on the internet, readers using the hashtags #whatifwednesday, #girlbossradio and #mypinterest got on board (pun intended).

´cause I matched the wall #ootd #whatifwednesday #girlbossradio #mypinterest

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#whatifwednesday #girlbossradio #mypinterest

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officially half way through the week – yay! yesterday #girlbossradio launched #whatifwednesday, an inspirational challenge to try new things & live your best life which i am all about. today’s first challenge is boosting your productivity & of course, the root of productivity is time management. @girlboss suggested planning your outfit the night before which is a great way to prep for your days. sometimes, i'll plan outfits for a whole week on a sunday night & even iron while watching a show or movie. packing my work bag with anything i'll need the night before is also helpful so i'm not scrambling looking around for things in the morning. i'll even put water & a k-cup in my Keurig with my coffee mug ready to go so all i have to do is turn it on. planning my week is also a major way to make the best use of my time. whether it’s errands to run, emails to send, a @pinterest board to check out for inspo (lol), i will literally write these things out (in order of importance) in my planner or even in my calendar to block time out & ensure i can check these off my to-do list. these are minor tactics but they’ve had a major impact on the start of my days & my overall productivity. how do you guys stay on track & maintain your productivity throughout the week?! i'm always open to new ways to increase my output! ♡ #XoYorsTruly . . . #OOTD #outfitoftheday #fashion #Chicago #Louisville #fall #simplestyles #lookoftheday #ootdmagazine #ootdshare #streetstyle #fashioninspo #fashionstyle #styleblogger#fashionaddict #fashionstyle #fashioninspo#lookbook #whatiwear #fashionstyling #fashionistagram#todayoutfit #instalookbook #instastylish #outfitoday#bossgirlbloggers #nastygal #zarawoman

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Of course, the ultimate motivation is YOU. Do yourself a favor—try something new this #whatifwednesday and see how much more positive and productive you become. You can thank us later. See you on social, 80s bbs!

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Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photo: Instagram/@TheWhiteRoach