Your Weekly Horoscope Challenge Is Thus: Find Your "Yes" In A Sea Of Agitation

 Fight for the right things, bb.

Fight for the right things, bb.

This week features an intense new moon in Pisces on March 17. Luckily, a new Self Service episode means a new weekly astrology forecast by resident star-spert, Jessica Lanyadoo...

From March 10 through 12, we have the sun trining Uranus and also sextiling Pluto. And then, from March 12 to 14, we have Venus forming a square to Saturn and the sun forcing a trine to Jupiter. What does this mean? Well, it's a good week for self-care, to start.

This is going to be a very intense period where you can try new things and take risks. That could include changing the way you talk to yourself. It could be a simple as not drinking that cup of coffee too late into the day. It’s just about doing things that are different and engaging, so you can grow. That’s the potential here.

The tricky part is we also have the potential to get distracted by bright and shiny things. We can get distracted by how things seem to others. Or how you think they’re supposed to go—instead of staying centered around what we actually care about.

The question to ask yourself during this new moon and especially in the lead up to it is “What are you fighting for?” Meaning are you fighting against something or someone, or are you fighting for them?

From an energetic perspective, fighting “for” is always stronger. And it’s better for the soul. So find the thing that you believe in. Find your “yes” in a sea of agitation or irritability or ambition. And remember that you’re more than what you do. You are more than some of your actions. It’s also your intent, and how you feel inside.

And the new moon in Pisces really wants you to pay attention to how you feel and to set yourself on course with things that are going to be really good for your soul. 

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Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally-respected astrologer and psychic medium based in San Francisco. 

Words: Jessica Lanyadoo