#GirlbossMoves, March 23: Sign Up For A Free Online Class To Learn A New Skill

 From small acts, big changes can and do grow.

From small acts, big changes can and do grow.

Hello, and welcome to Women’s History Month, the time during which we all sync periods and yell “Nevertheless, she persisted” into the sky.

JK! But this month is about much more than sentiment. If we want to truly commit to women’s progress, to intersectional learning, to making our future brighter than our history—we’re gonna need to get off our phones and do something.

But that doesn’t mean quitting your job and spending 13 hours a day organizing protests, or running for office (although, by all means, please do that). It simply means taking a beat, and doing something a little practical each day, and each week, to make the world a better place for women of all bodies, backgrounds, incomes, jobs and identities. 

We don’t have all the answers when it comes to closing the wage gaps, ending sexism, and stopping injustice, but what we do have is ideas. 31 ideas, to be precise. 

#GirlbossMoves is a month-long initiative we’re running all through March, offering up daily actions—small acts that could lead to big changes this year. And beyond. Think of it as your advent calendar of direct action. A live blog of daily prompts you can bookmark and check off anytime. 

And because the personal is political, duh, it’s also as much about getting right with yourself as it is supporting the rights of your sisters and the organizations dedicated to doing the same.

See you back here (or on our Instagram feed) tomorrow, for another #GirlbossMoves history-making challenge. Because just like ripples in a big pool, even one of your lil’ pebbles can help make a commotion.

March 23


Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to polish that skill set by enrolling in a free online class to learn something new. Perhaps it's figuring out how to code, learning the basics of design, or diving into web analytics on platforms like Codeacademy or Girl Develop It. Whatever you choose, you'll come out on the other side of it with even more skills that'll help you crush it in your career.

March 22


Empowering women in the workplace requires a broad range of initiatives across every level of every industry, but your #GirlbossMoves action today is to start at the very beginning:

Help a woman get one step closer to economic independence by donating $50 to Dress For Success, a non-profit that provides professional attire for women in need as they apply for jobs. If donating cash isn't in the cards for you right now, you can also find a local affiliate and donate clothes you no longer need.

March 21


A very wise CEO once said, "Money looks better in the bank than on your feet." Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to set some new goals for squirreling away extra cash, because more money in your savings account means more cushion for the pushin' of your biggest dreams.

Thanks to a whole slew of apps and platforms like Stash Wealth, Acorns, Mint and YNAB, taking control of your finances is more accessible than ever. So get out there and make some money moves, bb. Future You is gonna be so stoked.

March 20


We get it: A date with the ol' speculum is nobody's idea of a good time. But staying on schedule with your pap smears and breast exams is super duper important for ensuring we're in tune with our bodies and taking the necessary measures to stay as healthy as possible. 

Your #GirlbossMoves action is to head over to Assess Your Risk and take a quick quiz to see where you're at. Then, schedule a check-up appointment for you and your reproductive system. Women's health centers like Planned Parenthood offer access to these services if you're not insured; check out their website to find the clinic nearest you.

March 19


Whether it's your mother, an aunt, family friend, big sister, cousin, mentor, grandmother or any other woman who was pivotal in helping you become who you are today, your daily #GirlbossMoves action is to give her a call and let her know you're thinking of her. Because as the world around us changes, one thing remains the same: Our strength is derived from the women that came before us. And calling up to express some gratitude for everything she's done for you will bring a little bit of sunshine to her day (and yours). 

March 18


It's difficult to stomach the seemingly never ending cycle of gun violence in America, but there's a chorus of change that grows louder each day. The folks at Everytown for Gun Safety are working to end violence and disentangle our government from the pervasive gun lobby, starting at the local level. They've brought together 4 million mayors, moms, cops, teachers, and survivors to make their own communities safer. If you're able, your #GirlbossMoves for today is to donate to @everytown to help in their grassroots effort to end gun violence now.

March 17


This #GirlbossMoves action is pretty self explanatory. You already know how good it feels to spring clean and eliminate items that are taking up space. If it's not sparking joy in you, do a Marie Kondo and get rid of it, by paying it forward.

Domestic violence shelters exist as a safe place where domestic violence and abuse victims can get help and temporary housing. If you're not sure where one nearby to you is, Domestic Shelters can connect you with a local shelter and the wish list of items they need to provide care and comfort to those recovering.

March 16


We are all very busy. We get it. But in a culture where the noise feels increasingly difficult to cut through, small gestures can have a huge impact when it comes to the people who matter most. Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to simply call or text a loved one to check in on them, or to let them know you're thinking of them.

It's going to make their day, and here's the other nice bit about it: It's going to make your day, too. 

March 15


There’s never a bad time to start lending your support to a cause that you believe in, in your community. That’ll mean very different things to different people, but you know what they say about “think globally, act locally?” It’s true. Help out in your own backyard and you’ll contribute to a ripple effect felt much farther than you might think.

Your #GirlbossMoves action for March 15 is to donate a small section of your time to people and things that need you. And put it this way—volunteering three hours a week means after one year, you’ve donated 156 hours to making the world a better place.

March 14


A 2017 study revealed that Americans spend an average of five hours a day on mobile devices. But no one really *wants* to be staring at a machine for that long, right? Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to give yourself the gift of two whole smartphone-free hours by putting it outta sight, outta mind. Fill those two hours with whatever distraction-free activities you please. Take a walk, read a book, call your representatives, call your BFF, cook yourself something delectable—the possibilities are endless.

March 13


No matter where you live, there’s a good chance you have a museum, gallery or at least library in a town or city close by. These institutions of learning exist purely to inspire, educate and challenge people just like you. Even after school, learning about art, culture, history and world around you is a full-time responsibility.

Plus, it’s a fun, usually-free way to spend your next day off. Your latest action for #GirlbossMoves? Pay an impromptu visit a museum or gallery—not because you’re already familiar with the artist or subject, but because you’re down to learn something totally new.

March 12


The most high-stakes midterm elections of our generation are right around the corner—November 6, to be exact. And with all the wrongs that stand to be corrected, one of the most surefire ways to demand change is to put more women in office. 

Your #GirlbossMoves action for today is to take part in the She Should Run campaign to get 250,000 women to run for office by 2030. Do you know a woman who would be an incredible representative, who you'd trust to fight the good fight? Nominate her here.

March 11


Seems like a no-brainer, but amidst busy times that blur days into weeks, our friendships so often feel the weight of neglect. Little is more important in life than caring and showing up for loved ones, because we cannot get by on this earth alone. Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to do something thoughtful for a friend, just to remind them how special they are to you. So much meaning can be found in the smallest of acts. 👯‍♀️

March 10


From Audre Lorde to Roxane Gay to Sylvia Plath to Rupi Kaur, there is so much pleasure in reading the incredible words and thoughts of women. What's your fave feminist classic, or one you'd like to read?

Your #GirlbossMoves is to pick it up and give it a go, maybe even start a bookclub with a few other pals. As one feminist writer, Ursula K. Le Guin, once put it, “We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel... is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become.” 

March 9


A day after #IWD, let’s take our celebration of all women, all bodies, all identities to a more ~practical place. We’re talking cold hard cash! Feminism means committing to protect and help center marginalized women, and the Trans Women of Color Collective is about just that.

Solidarity to them means “informed, intentional, recurring, sustainable acts of service,” and sending a digital donation their way is the easiest way to begin flexing your #GirlbossMoves in the name of sisterhood during Women’s History Month.

March 8


Ever wanted to take yourself out to a nice meal or gone dancing—but didn’t because you’d have to go it alone? Same. But screw that. You wouldn’t judge another woman for doing something she enjoyed solo, so try not to judge yourself. 

Your #GirlbossMoves challenge for International Women's Day not SEEM like the most political, but doing something on your own today (and every other day) with no shame, can be a radical act in a society where shame has the ability to control us. BRB, going to see what shows are happening tonight. 

March 7


It might be 2018, but we’re still very much dealing with microaggressions relating to sexual orientation, and gender identity/expression and HIV status at work. As in the case of racism and ableism, the victims of casual homophobia and transphobia at work will often hide the extent of the damage done by their coworker’s comments or behavior. But as a colleague, and a bystander, there’s something we can do—speak up.

No workers should have to tolerate intolerable language and behavior while doing their job, regardless of their sexuality or identity (which of course, can’t be presumed). If you want to look into the legal ramifications of discrimination like this, your #GirlbossMoves action today is this: Contact Lambda Legal’s “help desk” and see what your coworker’s options are. 

March 6


All over the world, First Nations people are on the front lines of environmental protection. They’re often also the people with the most to lose—suffering the direct impacts of climate change and environmental destruction of sacred lands.

Your #GirlbossMoves action for today is to educate yourself that little bit more about Indigenous people’s efforts to protect the planet, and to stand with them. It takes one minute to subscribe to a mailing list like the Indigenous Environmental Network (or follow @seedmob!) and it’s a great way to learn more. 

March 5


The Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) promotes the physical, psychological, social and economic well-being of girls and women. They work to dismantle and eliminate violence against women, educating on root causes.

In order to support their mission of making the world safer for women, marginalized people, and communities of color, they offer programs and campaigns that provide education that develop strengths and skills. Your #GirlbossMoves action today, if you're game, is to book one of GCE’s hour-long workshop on dissecting and breaking down gender stereotypes. Book it here.

March 4


The NDWA is the leading voice in protecting the millions of domestic workers in the US, making sure female workers are fairly represented and accounted for, rather than excluded from the basic protections provided to other employees. They offer membership with benefits, training, and community.

Take action in staying active and informed by joining the NDWA text loop. Text “WOMEN” to 97779. #GirlbossMoves

March 3


Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to take the #Our100Pledge to support women of color in leadership, in their fight to hold decision makers accountable, and to unite behind a vision of a nation as safe for black lives.

Referencing the effect of votes by WoC, their open letter states: "Women did this work, not to get one woman a new job, but because we understood the stakes in this election. Black lives, women’s lives, immigrant’s lives, the lives of LGBTQ folks, of people with disabilities; of working people of every race, region and ethnicity, including those at Standing Rock and others protecting our land. We know that the future and well-being of this country depends on the health and well-being of all women." Click here to pledge.

March 2


It's 2018 and we're still fighting for reproductive rights. As healthcare is debated and re-litigated in Congress, so too is access to safe public healthcare programs provided through places like Planned Parenthood. Sixty percent of Planned Parenthood patients rely on these programs to access care, and threatening to defund PP means denying people access to sexual and reproductive health.

Your #GirlbossMoves action today is to pink-ify your profile photos as a declaration of #IStandwithPP. Use this link to pink yourself (Bonus: tag us and we'll share on our Instagram Stories).

March 1


Help the ACLU stop ICE bullying and intimidation by signing their petition. ICE is accused of grossly misusing government powers to surveil, target, and detain immigrants. According to data from the Detention Watch Network, ICE detained over 39,000 in 2017.

This is a dramatic increase in recent years, as ICE’s power has been vastly expanded and more immigration activists and advocates have been targeted. Reportedly women, and transgender women especially, are the most vulnerable to abuse while detained. Enough is enough.


Join the c̶o̶n̶v̶e̶r̶s̶a̶t̶o̶n̶ action using #GirlbossMoves on social media and check back tomorrow for a new day's action.

Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photo: Isabella Behravan