The Divorce Lawyer For Hollywood's A-List Has Some Relationship Advice For You


There’s no two ways about it: Divorce sucks. But if there’s anyone who can make it suck less, it’s probably Laura Wasser. And on this week's episode of "Girlboss Radio," she explains how she's trying to make it less painful for everyone.

As an attorney specializing in divorce, who counts the likes of Heidi Klum, Johnny Depp, Christina Aguilera and Ryan Reynolds among her clients, she’s been on the front lines through a spectrum of experiences, from civil compromises to full-on blow outs.

And as of January of this year, she’s taken that knowledge and put it to use for the rest of us: Wasser recently launched It’s Over Easy, an online platform that allows customers to file their divorce papers over the internet, for a fraction of what it normally costs to hire lawyers.

To wit: Wasser estimates that the average divorce in the US costs $20,000, and that’s not counting an “expensive firm” like hers; with It’s Over Easy, the AI-assisted form-filing service starts at $750 and maxes out at $2,500 which comes with 90 minutes of mediation from a divorce coach if you need it.

Call it divorce or call it "conscious uncoupling," on this week’s episode of Girlboss Radio, she and Sophia Amoruso (who, full disclosure, hired Wasser as her own divorce attorney) take a deep dive into how the arrangement of marriage has changed over the years and muse on relationship choices that can (maybe) keep a couple from getting to that point in the first place. Check out the full episode below.

On what can (maybe) help a couple avoid getting divorced in the first place:

“Talk. Communicate. Communicate your expectations. I think it's so important that both of you know, not just the legal stuff, like, ‘If I have a baby and I don't go back to work, are you still going to pay support?’ …or ‘I am 30. I don't ever want to sleep on one of your frat brothers’ futons ever again’…These are things that are not really super romantic or sexy, but they're really important to talk about so that you have clear communication and clear expectations.”

But also:

“Carve out date nights. Have sex. Sex begets sex.”

On the universalness of our relationship fears:

“Everybody is the same. We all have the same fears, sadnesses, and frustrations. Whether you have six zeros after that number in your bank account or three zeros after that number in your bank account you still are worried about the same thing.”

On what "success" means to her:

"Success is balance. There are some days I'm just a complete hot mess. But there are some days you have that moment of, ’I got this. I did good today.’”

Words: Deena Drewis
Photo: Courtesy