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All signs point to a challenging (but fun) week.

All signs point to a challenging (but fun) week.

"Upsetting energy," new moon manifestation vibes, and more planets in Capricorn than there are members of the Spice Girls—this is your new weekly glimpse into the heavens.

As you may or may not have heard, Girlboss Radio is no longer just the name of that podcast you love—it's also the name of the brand-new podcast network. The second show we're launching on Girlboss Radio? Why, it's Self Service!

Self Service  is a weekly show dedicated to learning about well, self-care, but with a ~magical~ twist. We'll be dropping midnight every Sunday, starting this weekend (January 14) and we'll cover everything from the basics of making time for yourself to hydration to negative self-talk. On top of all of that, Girlboss' resident astrologer, Jessica Lanyadoo, will be breaking down exactly what the heavenly bodies have in store for us believers (or humored readers—we see you, too) each week.

And this week? There's one sign to rule them all: Capricorn energy is hella present. And there's a special new moon brewing, too.

As Lanyadoo puts it, the new moon on Tuesday, January 16 (at 6:17 p.m. PT) will usher in a "time when we can start something new, when we're open to new opportunities. New things will come up, whether it's an insight or a shift in how we feel."

"What's really cool about this week," she says, "is that a good part of it gives us a Capricorn stellium. In astrology, a stellium is a concentration of planets in a sign or a house. In this case, from January 11 through the 18, we have Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, the sun, and Venus, all in Capricorn. From the January 14 through 16, the moon is also in Capricorn. This is as Capricorn as it gets right now."

Capricorn is an earth sign and is "really fixated on getting things done to a point of mastery," says Lanyadoo. "This is an excellent time for getting really present in your body or in your life around what is it that you want to build and what is it that you want to bring to a state of perfection or a state of mastery. The energy is going to be really supportive if you're willing to do the work." Which means that this could be the ideal time to think about that side hustle you want to get off the ground or that new skill you want to learn (we can hook you up over at Girlboss Academy, if that's the case, by the way). 

January 14 is also worth mentioning for another reason. As Lanyadoo tells Self Service, January 13 through 15 will see the sun in Capricorn forming a square to Uranus.

"This is really an upsetting set of energies. It means we're going to end up feeling restless and irritable. The things we really want to do and the ways we want to be seen are getting upset by external circumstances," she says.

"The best you can do—which is a little hard to do during Capricorn energies but totally possible—is try to be open to what comes. This can be a really transformative time but you have to be willing to engage with whatever is coming your way." We're here for it!

For more on what you can do to deal with Capricorn season—plus a weekly look at what's in the—subscribe to Self Service right here. 

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Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photo: Gabbie Bautista