I Wore 'Chromotherapy' Glasses For 10 Days And It Kind Of Worked

BRB, using indigo to "expand consciousness."

BRB, using indigo to "expand consciousness."

Did you know that you can change your mood, increase your focus, and even improve your eyesight through colored glasses? Neither did I but that's the premise behind Rainbow OPTX.

Inspired by chromotherapy, a.k.a the process of using light and color to improve your mood and wellbeing, the sunglasses brand stands at the intersection of Instagram-friendly fashion and wellness.

Chromotherapy is a century-old concept that can be used in various ways—not just through colored lenses—to promote healing in the body. From the colors of our walls to the colors of our clothes, there’s no denying the large impact color can have on our mood.

According to naturopath Dr. Valerie Simonsen, that’s because chromotherapy is a "vibrational medicine" that pairs with the vibrational tendencies of humans. “[These] color vibrations enter the body and bring harmony or disharmony,” she says.

Of course, everyone is affected by color differently, depending on their associations with various shades. Rainbow OPTX founder and CEO, Noel Churchill suggests “choosing colors depending on how you’re feeling and what is going on in your life. Each color is unique and the purpose is to use the color to find balance and not overdo it in one direction or another.”

Regardless of your level of skepticism regarding the effect that color can have on your mood, these glasses are around 30 bucks a pop. Not bad. So, in an attempt to find my *balance* and also improve concentration and productivity—because, when you work from home, you’ll literally try anything to stay focused—I decided to put the entire RainbowOPTX line of sunnies to the test.

And guess what? Some of them might have actually worked for me. Go figure! Peep my findings, below.


Chakra: Upper Chakra
Location: Outside of the body and above the head
Focus: Duality
Your Need: An increased respect for the sacredness of life

Thoughts: To be completely honest, when I first read about magenta, I laughed. I’ve never really thought about needing to increase my respect for the sacredness of life, yet here I was, taking notes on my experience.

And while I can’t say that I found said respect, I can say that wearing felt like it increased my ability to multi-task. When looking at my computer screen, the color wasn’t too jarring and I really felt like my energy-levels, were OK too (though that could just be from my morning cup of matcha tea).


Chakra: Crown
Location: Top of the head
Focus: Awareness
Your Need: To strengthen and correct energy imbalances, clear the mind, and liberate the spirit

Thoughts: Purple has always been my favorite color (perhaps I’m drawn to it spiritually?) and both of the purple-colored sunglasses (violet and indigo) did not disappoint.

The violet lenses brought on a brighter color, but still allowed me to keep focus and open up to a more "aware" state. I felt like this was one of the best colors for multi-tasking. Like magenta, I would highly recommend trying these out on days when you need to catch up on computer work.

unnamed (1) 2.jpg


Chakra: Third Eye
Location: Between the eyebrows
Focus: Intuition
Your Need: To aid concentration and expand consciousness, insight, and intuition

Thoughts: What is this sorcery? Indigo definitely took me by surprise. What I thought would be a difficult color to work with, turned out to be super helpful in the concentration department.

Even though the sunglasses appeared to be super dark, they created a lighter shade of purple once I put them on. It was weird to look at my computer screen through indigo lenses at first, but after a while my eyes adjusted and my thoughts began to flow.


Chakra: Thyroid and Throat
Location: Throat and base of the neck
Focus: Communication
Your Need: To feel calm, relaxed, and reassured

Thoughts: To switch things up, I decided to try the blue while working and also while doing something that required a little less focus; laying by the pool while vacationing in Palm Springs.

Of the two, laying by the pool was the most relaxing, but that could also be due to the fact that I was OOO. When I wore the blue lenses to work, the atmosphere around me was fine, but— as I found out with most of the colors—the light from my computer was too aggressive.

But personally, I also felt a little too relaxed. Both of these combined made for a pretty unproductive workday, to be honest.

unnamed (3).jpg


Chakra: Throat and Heart
Location: Throat and chest
Focus: Communication and love
Your Need: To speak calmly from the heart with love and compassion

Thoughts: Out of the two blue-y colors, aqua was my favorite to work in. The shade was just light enough to allow me to focus, while also helping me feel calm and collected during a stressful work emergency (true story!)

When it comes to work stresses, Churchill recommends taking a preemptive approach by wearing the aqua lenses while you work. Doing so can help you stay relaxed all day, apparently.

“Aqua is a very pleasant color, it can be worn all day, and you may find it also helps you achieve a more relaxed communication style while you work,” says Churchill.


Chakra: Heart
Location: Center of the chest
Focus: Love
Your Need: To purify, open, uplift, and awaken

Thoughts: According to Dr. Simonsen, in addition to purifying, uplifting, and awakening, the color green is linked to health. This could be because it is the color of salad (lol, sorry) but it's also the color connected to your heart chakra.

Wearing the green-colored glasses did not make me feel healthier by any means and looking at my computer screen, I realized I was staring at a neon green screen. The color, paired with the brightness of my screen was too distracting and gave me a slight headache.

unnamed (4) 2.jpg


Chakra: Heart
Location: Center of the chest
Focus: Love
Your Need: To purify, open, uplift, and awaken

Thoughts: After testing out some of the cooler and deeper, darker colors, I was pleasantly surprised by the subtle effects of rose. Warmer colors are supposedly more energizing and I immediately noticed the effects of this hue.

Not only were my eyes more comfortable, but my ideas started to flow and I felt like I could tackle my entire to-do list (which, if you saw the length of my list, you would be shocked by). Wearing this shade while writing was especially helpful.

The only thing that I found a bit strange, was that rose and green are supposed to be very similar. And, as you can tell from my notes above, they definitely were not.


Chakra: Solar Plexus
Location: Solar Plexus
Focus: Power and will
Your Need: To connect, protect, balance, and purify; To achieve a sense of openness

Thoughts: Of all the colors, I felt like my body responded to yellow the best. Ironically, yellow is the color that Churchill says is best for workflow. “Yellow is a mentally stimulating color and will help increase your sense of willpower and ability to get things done. The color yellow is also known to increase visual acuity — it’s a very functional color.”

As a writer, I spend all day on my computer. So, by the end of the work day, my eyes are shot and I am left squinting. At first, I thought that maybe the yellow color was cancelling out my computer’s blue light, but once Churchill explained that yellow can actually increase sharpness of vision, it kind of made sense.

I will definitely be rocking these yellow sunnies to the office on the regular.

unnamed (6).jpg


Chakra: Sacral
Location: Lower abdomen
Focus: Emotions
Your Need: To feel stable and balanced, to quiet the mind, and to achieve a sense of harmony

Thoughts: Compared to yellow, orange was much brighter, but still offered similar effects. According to Dr. Simonsen, “worry is the emotion of the stomach and spleen, so when one wears yellow [or] orange, the worry is relieved.”

I personally didn’t notice too much of a difference (other than my eyes feeling relieved) however, I did feel more composed and less affected by the urgency of deadlines throughout the day. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing though.


Chakra: Root
Location: Base of the spine
Focus: Survival
Your Need: To feel more grounded

Thoughts: Red was one of the hardest colors for me to get through (Elton John, how do you do it?) To wear for a few minutes was fine, but longer than that was both distracting and uncomfortable.

When I looked through the red-hued lenses, I noticed that everything with light on it turned bright red—including my computer screen, which was not ideal. Everything else turned a deep maroon, almost brown color. Red is supposed to spark a "survival focus," but there was no way I was going to survive a workday in this color.

Words: Jessica Quinn
Photos: Courtesy