The Twisted (But Amazing) Truth About Sisterhood

 Those "being forced to dress the same" feels.

Those "being forced to dress the same" feels.

Sisters can be challenging. But they're also amazing and if you've never had one, I feel sorry for you.

This Sunday marks National Sister's Day, fam. And you know what that means; you're morally obligated to take a sec and appreciate how great it is when young women help raise each other.

As you'd expect from a genetically similar best friend you can't get rid of, most sisters have a love/hate relationship—the ratio of which varies depending on what age (and mood) you catch them at.

As the proud owner of a sister myself—whose adoption makes our sisterhood even more special—I can comfortably say that both the love and the hate are totally normal and totally universal.

Here's just some of the ways you know you're sisters, for those who haven't been blessed enough to experience it.

You drag each other publicly at every opportunity. If I had a dollar for every time I heard a friend drag their own flesh and blood...

But if someone ELSE drags your sister? Ooof, they'd better look out. In the immortal words of Janis Ian, "That's only okay when I say it!"

And say it you will. Often to each other's face. If you and your sister are as stubborn as me and mine, you'll know throwing verbal insults is a game with no end.

And when no one else is around? Your language changes, your tone changes and you let ALL the "weirdness" out. If people only knew.

Most sisters have probably conspired to do naughty things together at some point. Usually, because one sister is genuinely rebellious and the other one is blackmailed into participating, as tattle tale insurance.

Although sometimes, it's a secret too good to share. And nothing will anger a gal like her sister's secret-harboring. Out with it, wench!

Shared secrets—like the fact that you both used to lip-synch in the mirror, pretending you were the extra members of Hole—are much, much better.

But of course, nothing beats celebrating your real-life wins and cheering each other on, like you were born to do it. I still remember hearing my sister's enthusiastic screams in the crowd when I did lame high school dance competitions. Nothing like it!

Long may you annoy the crap out of each other and borrow things without returning them. Go find your sis, biological, hand-chosen or otherwise, and give 'em a squeeze.

Words: Jerico Mandybur