This One Activity Can Make You Happier AND Make You Extra Money

 Grab that leash.

Grab that leash.

Dogs love going for walks, obvi. But a new study shows that it's something of a happiness hack for the dog walker, too.

Since adopting my dog last year, I’ve become what I refer to as an Unbearable Dog Person. You know the type.

They're the type who talk endlessly about our dogs to anyone who wants to listen (and also plenty of people who probably don’t want to listen). We take approximately nine thousand pictures of our dogs a day, discuss disparities in their poop in great detail with other UDPs, and are generally super annoying, babbling idiots in the presence of our pooches.

Seriously, when I get home from work every day, there’s about a fifteen minute period where I just ask the dog over and over again, loudly, “WHY ARE YOU SO CUTE?!”

But here’s the thing: Numerous studies have shown that being a dog owner makes you a happier person, and observing cuteness has also been shown to improve your attention to detail.

So really, we’re just out there living our best lives, but to the irritation of everyone around us. And now there’s even more reason to spend disproportionate amounts of your emotional piggy bank on a tail wagger.

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In a study conducted at University of Liverpool, researchers discovered that dog owners are motivated to take their dogs for walks because it makes them—the human—really happy. 

Dogs, of course, get pretty stoked to go on walks as well, and dog owners perceiving that they’re doing something nice for their dog plays into this dose of happiness. But they also glean benefits from an increase in physical activity and socializing with other dog owners they come across on the walk. 

Even better news? You can do this happiness-inducing activity and make money at the same time. I mean, duh—it’s one of the first jobs you ever become eligible for when you’re an adolescent.

But now, with the advent of apps like Wag! and Rover, walking multiple dogs a day for cash money is easier than ever. The going rate for half-hour walks tends to fall in the $20 range on both apps.

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And of course, if you want to be even happier, you can dog-sit puppers in your home, rates for which tend to be around $35 a night, depending on location and availability.

Commence the cuteness and ensuing happiness!

Words: Deena Drewis
Photos: Daria Kobayashi Ritch/GIPHY