Unreal Pictures Of The Eclipse (Plus Some Jokes You Didn't Know You Needed)


As you know by now, Monday, August 21 saw the arrival of the Great American Eclipse. Missed out on seeing it? All good. We have the best pictures (and jokes) right here.

Where were you during the great total solar eclipse of 2017? Hopefully, not looking directly at it, like the president. Personally, I was at work, but I bet you were too. While it’s a major bummer to miss out on one of the coolest and most major cosmic events of our lifetime, the internet thankfully abides and provides.

Not only are thousands of #eclipse2017 chasers documenting the event with painstaking effort (and a lot of camera equipment and light-blocking glasses) but Twitter is also serving us all the eclipse LOLs we never knew we needed. #grateful

First, the most impressive images to be released (so far) of the planetary wonder. It’s not everyday you get to feel so small and insignificant. Astronomy is awesome! 

And what is a total eclipse without the jokes? While during the last contiguous eclipse in North America (in 1979) the jokes probably came care of your dad, this time around, things are a little different.

Now the whole of Twitter has the opportunity to share their eclipse puns with the world. What a time to be alive. Thank you, internet, for these LOLs which we are about to receive. 

Petition for total solar eclipses to be an annual event, like the Oscars. 

Words: Jerico Mandybur