Here's How Much Time The Average User Spends On Instagram Stories

 Time suckage.

Time suckage.

How much time do you spend trawling through Instagram Stories every day? If you said “not that much,” it’s statistically likely you’re kidding yourself, according to the platform itself.

Wednesday is the one-year anniversary of Instagram's very Snapchat-like, ephemeral video and image feature, and the Facebook-owned company is marking the occasion with the release of a ton of insightful data

Firstly, there’s 250 million of us pouring over each other’s Instagram Stories every day. That’s almost double the amount of people using Snapchat daily—166 million at last count. The result? We’re all more addicted to Instagram than ever before. 

According to the company, users under the age of 25 look at Stories for an average of 32 minutes every day, and those of us above 25 spend 24 precious minutes out of every day watching other people document their lives. That’s two minutes more than the length of your standard sitcom. 

But if someone suggested I start watching Two And A Half Men every day, I’d say “I’m too busy! Who has the TIME?!” As well as “I would rather eat my own face.” It seems that despite feeling busy AF, most of us are not above procrastinating via perving on a Story. Or 20.

Also, business owners, take note: Insta says more than half of all app-using businesses posted to Instagram Stories in the month of July. And with good reason: Those procrastinating pervs are nothing if not engaged. 

All of which is to say, “In your face, Snapchat, with your stocks teetering at a record low. You should have let us buy you while you had the chance. Love, Instagram.” 

I, for one, welcome our time-sucking, sub par filter-strewn overlords. 

Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photos: Daria Kobayashi Ritch/GIPHY