This Musical Number Is The Perfect Clap Back To The Gender Pay Gap

Let's get out of here!

Let's get out of here!

We all know the gender pay gap is a hot mess, and not the good kind. But a new sketch from two female comedians offers a simple yet ingenious solution.

Sick of doing the same amount of work as your male colleagues and receiving a lesser wage for it? Just leave work at 3:43!

That’s the idea put forward (as a musical number) by Hannah and Eliza Reily in the Australian comedy show, Growing Up Gracefully. Getting paid 16 percent less (as per the country’s national average) than men? Work 16 percent less everyday.

And depending on your profession, you might want to start considering granting yourself even more of an early clock-off time.

According to their statistics—reportedly gathered through the Australian Bureau of Statistics and industry-specific data from the Australian Taxation Office—female surgeons couldn’t be blamed for going home at 12:34 p.m. each day. 

A female barrister’s income? Just take their male counterparts salary, halve it, and then halve it again. Nice. And get this: Every Friday, you’re basically working for free. In the words of one of the actors in the song, “Wow, that’s depressing.” Yes, yes it is. But hey, if you don’t laugh, you might cry.

And as you might expect, the gender wage gap in the United States is worse than in Australia. While their figures show working women being paid 84 cents for every man’s dollar on average, in the United States, it's 80 cents

Think 80 cents is bad? It’s a lot worse for women of color. Black women make 37 percent less than males and Hispanic women making 46 percent less. 

Screw it. Let’s just all go home. Right now. Who’s down? 

Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photos: ABC