The Internet Celebrates Malia Obama’s Birthday Over Independence Day, And Same

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

What did you guys do for the Fourth of July? Celebrate the ideals of equality among all men? Celebrate the birth of everyone’s favorite 19-year-old future Harvard graduate? Hey, why not both? For Twitter, the latter was especially enjoyable. And with good reason—Malia Obama is the best.

It’s no surprise that this year’s Fourth of July was less patriotic than usual, given the state of politics and the many racially-divisive news headlines 2017 seems to love so much. Not to mention crimes committed against minorities and all the systemic inequalities people of color are up against daily. Even while most people would agree that while there may be plenty to celebrate, there’s also plenty to fight for. And Malia Obama is full of fight.

Understandable, then, that some people online had a field day celebrating the young genius over the commemoration of a day that signals—as the teacher in Dazed & Confused puts it—"the fact that a bunch of aristocratic, slave-owning white men didn't want to pay their taxes."

Independent, multi-lingual and politically engaged, the first daughter stands up for what she believes in. She protests, she interns with film studios and TV sets (even Girls), and she works damn hard. Also she’s graceful, she’s funny and she ain’t afraid to stand up for herself in the face of gross harassment

Do we really need to go on? Should just call July 4 Malia Obama Day? 'Cause we're into it. And so is the internet.

[h/t The Fader

Words: Jerico Mandybur