This Very Simple Product Can Help You Sleep Better And Stress Less

 Sleep tight.

Sleep tight.

Weighted blankets mimic the sensation of a hug, and who doesn't need more hugs?

Most mornings, I start my day much like a taquito: A salty collection of meat rolled up super tight. This habit of wrapping myself tightly in my bedding has gone on for as long as I can remember, and as I've gotten older, I've discovered it's quite a common practice.

Which makes sense: We’ve swaddled babies as a means to bring them comfort essentially since time immemorial. The fact that we stop doing this as adults, when research has found it to be very awesome at reducing anxiety and promoting deep sleep, is highly suspect. Are we all really too cool to be aggressively Snuggie’d?

Weighted backpacks and vests are commonly used as a therapeutic technique for kids with Autism, with studies asserting that these weighted products essentially mimic the sensations of someone giving you a hug.

And who doesn’t want the sensation of being hugged more often? It's terrific if you love real-person hugs, and it's terrific if you don’t love real-person hugs but still want the side-effects of feeling safe and snug. And inanimate objects won't ask you awkward, personal questions.

Lucky for us all, things seem to be trending back in the right direction with a recent influx of weighted blankets on the marketplace—most notably with the “Gravity” blanket, one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. 

The site describes it as a “premium-grade, therapeutic weighted blanket that harnesses the power of deep touch stimulation to gently distribute deep pressure across your body. Engineered to be around 10% of your body weight, Gravity helps relax the nervous system by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged.”

The initial funding goal was $21,500. By the time it ended in June, the campaign had raised $4,729,263 with contributions from nearly 24,000 people. If that extraordinary response doesn’t back up my “grown adults like to feel like a burrito” theory, I don’t know what does.

And the contributions weren’t cheapies, either; the lowest pledge that came with a blanket cost $169 (which is a good deal considering they’re now retailing for $279).

As to be expected, other weighted blankets have emerged in the marketplace, most of which will set you back a couple hundred bucks and range from slightly heavier than a regular blanket to 25 pounds. The best-selling option on Amazon will cost you a little over $135 for a 10-pound blanket.

But here’s a pro-tip, courtesy of my Korean ancestors who've long had a thing for heavy-ass blankets: You can pick up this 10-pound beauty (it's kitschy-chic, just go with it) for a touch over $70.

I can attest that it’s so comforting it’s borderline nihilistic—once you’re under there, it’s like, why even get up again, ever. 

Words: Deena Drewis
Photos: Daria Kobayashi Ritch / GIPHY