A Quick Review Of The 'Dream Daddy' Game You’re About To Be Addicted To

 You don't have to tell  us  twice!

You don't have to tell us twice!

Between Dad bods, DILFs, and Zaddys, Dads are really having their moment right now, so it’s only natural that someone went ahead and created Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator.

Dream Daddy a dating sim where you play as a hot single Dad trying to meet up with, and romance, other hot single Dads. 

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Dream Daddy fully embraces the cheese factor of all those bad dating simulators you’ve seen ads for, but improves things tenfold, in cheesiness and inclusivity. 

Sure, you’re a hot dad dating other hot dads, but as the game builds your backstory, you have the option of choosing whether your past partner was male or female, and you can choose build your own character to be trans and cis-gendered.

As I traded controls with a girlfriend, we tried to decide how we wanted to go about this choose-your-own-adventure with our different potential suitors.

Would we go to a concert with Mat, the cute coffee shop-owning dad? Or go to the bar with Robert, the broody, whiskey-drinking bad dad? Talking through our options, I realized we were starting to step completely out of our comfort zones of what we’d really do when dating IRL.

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Every time we’d get a prompt, we found ourselves talking it through, saying “I would normally play it safe, but we should say X...” Like any of us living in the age of Tinder and dating largely via text, I tend to get too in my head about what to say next and worrying whether i just blew it with too many “hahahahs."

But with Dream Daddy I found myself just going for it, and I gotta admit, it was pretty liberating. After all, if it didn’t work out with this Dad, there was always another Dad down the street I could shoot that late night “u up?” text to.

After dropping Thursday morning, the game has skyrocketed to the top of Steam’s top sellers, and for good reason. Dream Daddy turns the anxiety-inducing world of modern dating into something that’s low stakes, fun, and a safe space for all identities.

And who knows? I might even take some of this newfound flirting swagger out with me into the real world.