Sean Spicer Has Resigned, And The Internet Is Very Sad For Melissa McCarthy


In a dramatic turn of events Friday morning, Sean Spicer, beleaguered Press Secretary for President Trump, has resigned. Apparently, he was super bummed about his new boss, Anthony Scaramucci, whom Trump appointed as communications director earlier that morning. 

Rumors of Spicer’s removal from the post have swirled virtually since the start of his tenure, and while we may never know the true reasons behind his resignation (I mean, really: this was the final straw?), what we do know is this:

The country has suffered a tremendous loss in that there will be no new Spicey material from which Melissa McCarthy may draw in her beyond-perfect depiction of him on SNL

The internet has some strong feelings about this:

Of course, the expectation that SNL and McCarthy will issue one last Spicey skit by way of a sendoff is high. Will we get to see the motorized podium ever again? What are we to do with ourselves after the final, rousing “SPICEY OUT!” is issued?

A moving rendition of “Hallelujah” is likely on the horizon, but In the meantime, let us revel in the brilliance that will live forever in our hearts (and hopefully on YouTube.)

Words: Deena Drewis
Photo: GIPHY