This Desperately 'Sexy' Song For Mike Pence Is Dark And Incredible


A comedy duo taps into the classic debate of possible nuclear winter vs. living in The Handmaid's Tale.

Fact: At any given moment in the United States right now, there are two liberal-minded individuals, four drinks deep, having a heated debate over whether it’s worse to have Donald Trump in office, or, should he eventually be impeached, Mike Pence. 

Both choices are unappealing and fraught with complications for a pretty stunning number of reasons. But while it might be tempting to make the nihilist’s argument that this is a little like choosing between eating the proverbial Wendy’s chili with a human finger in it or drinking a cup of scalding McDonald’s coffee with a dead mouse in it, the comedy duo Feminarchy, comprised of Dominique Salerno and Laura Hankin, has a pretty compelling case to put forward.

A case for giving Mike Pence the nuclear football, via their song "A Desperate Sexy Song For Mike Pence."

The video is alternately hilarious and frightening, the crux of the leadership debate perfectly summed up in the bridge: “At least you actually know what you’re doing / Oh god…you actually know what you’re doing / Wait, what are we doing?”

The answer comes swiftly, of course, and the logic is really solid: “Nuclear winter, thouuuuughhhh!” 

Don’t hold your breath on a Pence presidency, though, because his wife probably won’t let him watch this.

Words: Deena Drewis