The 3 GOP Women Who Blocked Health Care Repeal Are Being Harassed By Party Trolls


Those who oppose health care repeal are praising the senators for choosing country over party.

What with all the failed health care bills stumbling around Capitol Hill in recent months, it’s been tough to keep them straight. But let the record show that the Senate’s last-ditch effort this week to repeal the Affordable Care Act without a replacement will not pass as things currently stand.

And the reason for that is because three female Republican senators (and one male senator) won’t get behind it.

A little bit of poetic justice, you might say, considering the original Senate bill was crafted by 13 male senators who blocked the five female GOP senators from participating in negotiations on the bill—the draft of which pretty much only mentioned women in relation to abortion policy.

The three women standing against the bill are Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia. In the case of Murkowski and Collins, they’ve opposed previous bills on the ground of cuts to Planned Parenthood and Medicaid—services they cite as essential to their constituents. 

While the partial reports from the Congressional Budget Office report today did virtually nothing to sway moderate Republicans in the light of a projected 22 million additional people being uninsured by 2026, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has floated the idea of a vote on Tuesday. However, as of Friday morning, senators across the aisles seem to be in a state of total confusion as to what the next move is, and what bill may be put forward.

But with these three women voicing adamant disapproval, in addition to John McCain’s potential absence due to his recent diagnosis with cancer, the prospects of the GOP getting the 50 votes they need seems a near-impossible task—they can afford to lose only 2.

Which is why certain corners of the conservative internet have resorted to criticizing these "feminazis" not just for their decision, but also for their looks and the way they speak. 

They’re not the alt-right’s favorite women, in other words, and conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh is now convinced they’re “three female leftists” (lol).

Mass uncertainty remains around the future of health care. According to Quartz, Murkowski’s office is getting hundreds of calls a day from her constituents about health care—about half in support of keeping Obamacare and half in support of repeal. 

It’s not over yet, but for now, three female senators who didn't get a seat at the table have made their voices heard, and it’s something their male colleagues will need to reckon with, and hopefully keep in mind in the future.

Words: Deena Drewis