Anti-Pervert Flamethrowers Are Being Marketed To Women Now

 It's literally lit.

It's literally lit.

Nothing like carrying scalding-hot flames around in your purse to make you feel invincible, right?

While women around the world are sick of having to defend themselves from sexual harassment, the women of China are being marketed a particularly extreme solution: Flamethrowers.

The flaming, anti-pervert deflectors with highly questionable legality first came to light in Monday’s Beijing Youth Daily, with the news outlet saying the conveniently handbag-sized products are being peddled by the hundreds on Taobao, which is the massive Chinese version of eBay.

While the commerce platform is no stranger to impressive self-defense tools for women, these newest items are the first to offer scalding-hot flames as a go-to defense strategy. We can’t say it isn’t tempting. 

Just look how empowered this woman looks:

Police, on the other hand, have demanded their recall, according to the news outlet, saying the products are not only illegal to ship, but they could easily blow up in women’s handbags. This concern makes sense, considering they're vessels for fluid that reportedly shoots out at 3,272 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 20 inches in front of the user. 

While flamethrowers may be fun to think about, the fact that women feel the need to carry such extreme devices belies the extent of the country's (and dare we say, world's) sexual harassment problem.

According to a 2009 study cited by Vice, 80 percent of Chinese women have experienced sexual harassment in their working lives, particularly in low-paid industries where harassment often goes unreported and unpunished.

So maybe we could address that instead of asking women to carry around increasingly ridiculous weapons? That would really be lit.

Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photos: Stocksy/Ebuy7