The Internet Is Rejoicing Over The New Female Doctor Who

 The Doctor is in.

The Doctor is in.

Surprise, surprise: Broflakes are having a meltdown.

Everybody’s favorite time-traveling, reincarnating, fictional British doctor is back, and this time, with a long-awaited update: For the first time since the series debuted in 1963, The Doctor will be played by a woman

Actor Jodie Whittaker is best known for her portrayal of Beth Latimer on the British crime series Broadchurch, and for the most part, the internet is beyond stoked about having a woman in the titular role. Whether they’re familiar with Whitaker or not, they are here. For. Her. 

First and foremost, there's this darling girl:

But of course, some broflakes are having a bit of a freak out. As with the meltdown some men had about Ghostbusters being remade with an all-female cast last summer, the notion of a cultural fixture being subject to interpretation is a v. difficult thing for some people to understand.

And so they are expressing their Important thoughts on the matter.

And here’s Piers Morgan continuing his baffling trend of being Piers Morgan:

But the internet is not having it. And it's amazing.

Bingo for sexists, anyone?

Even Whittaker herself slyly dragged the tantrum-throwers, telling them "not to be scared."

Next up on the feminist takeover agenda: Making Jane Bond happen ASAP and making this a reality for Doctor Who plotlines:

Words: Deena Drewis
Photo: Getty