Woman Destroys V. Valuable Art In Pursuit Of The Perfect Selfie

 My bad...

My bad...

Take that, "do not touch the art" signs.

There’s doing it for the ‘gram and then there’s really doing it. The lengths some will go to in order to get people to smash that like button are pretty extreme. But this week saw an epic addition to the annals of Insta-history, albeit what seems to be an unintentional one.

Behold: This woman looking to snap a selfie of herself enjoying art, as she experiences the “Hypercaine” exhibit by Simon Birch at The 14th Factory in Los Angeles. She’s in the upper righthand quarter of the video:

Gloria Yu, one of the contributing artists to the exhibit, told Hyperallergic that “three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees,” and that “the approximate cost of damage is $200,000.” Whoops.

Is it just me, or is this video secretly satisfying? Shout out to everyone who’s ever felt that the "DO NOT TOUCH THE ART" signs are, like, a little rude? Obviously we’re not supposed to touch the art, but your shouty caps are ruining how effectively I can stare pensively and nod thoughtfully at something.

To be fair, “Hypercaine” is mostly comprised of crowns and headpieces, which are meant to be picked up and placed on one’s head. I’m not saying this was a case of a woman’s subconscious rebelling against the way museums repress our tactile desires, but the heart wants what the heart wants, you know?

NO SELFIES ALLOWED 👑 "Hypercaine" @djfreshuk #fbf #14thfactory #outhere

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The exhibit runs through July 30 at The 14th Factory. No word on whether the pillars have since been secured to the ground. 

Words: Deena Drewis