Bumble's Got A Thirsty New Feature And It's Very Tinder-Like

 More Bumble Coins, more dating problems.

More Bumble Coins, more dating problems.

A lot of people consider Bumble the classier, nicer sister of that other dating app Tinder. But for all Bumble’s “women make the first move,” policies and friendly branding, the thirst of its users is just as powerful.

Thus, SuperSwipe. It’s basically a clone of Tinder’s well-known Super Like feature, which is generally used to show someone you really, really want to match with them. Now Bumble users too, have the option to stand out from the date-hungry masses. Hooray!

Users can tap the heart icon on a person’s profile to SuperSwipe them. Then, as with Tinder, your profile will show up in front of them as they embark on their next swiperoo, and voila! They’ll see that you SuperSwiped them and immediately fall in love with you. And it only costs 99 cents per SuperSwipe.

Payment is based on imaginary Bumble Coins, so it actually costs one such coin which is worth 99 cents. You can also get 5 coins for $3.99, 10 coins for $6.99, and 20 coins for $14.99. According to TechCrunch, the coin currency will extend to other Bumble features before long, including a queue-skipping, Tinder Boost-esque feature.  

Bumble already lets users see who’s swiped right on them if they pay for the existing premium service. So it all seems a bit overboard, considering how most of us are actually communicating online these days. #foreveralone

Words: Jerico Mandybur
Photos: Stocksy/Bumble