The 9 Best Prime Day Productivity Items You Need In Your Life

 Note to self, stop spending money? 

Note to self, stop spending money? 

Look, we know you're a very busy businesswoman with a lot on your plate, and that's why we scanned all of Amazon's best Prime Day deals to up your productivity hacks.

Whether you need help keeping track of all your lost stuff, or speeding up the process of making yourself a balanced meal, we found some of the best deals that are gonna help you live your best life.


Amazon Echo

If you're finally ready to bring a digital BFF (slash stalker) into your life, today is the day to get an Amazon Echo. It's 50 percent off, and you can get Alexa's help with answering questions, playing music, and controlling smart technology in your home.



Tile Slim

If you're someone who has trouble keeping track of your PKWs, it might be a good time to get Tile. You can get two of them for $30 today (BOGO!!), and if you stuff one in your phone and one in your wallet, you'll never lose track of them again. (It can even make your phone ring if it's on silent!)


HDTV antenna

If you're among those in the millennial generation who have cut the cord, an HDTV antenna is a great way to get access to entertainment for a cheap price. It reins in the signal from basic cable television stations (yes, this is perfectly legal) all without having to sign up for an expensive cable package with about 50 stations you will never watch.

Instead of having to find some bootleg stream on the internet for your next The Bachelorette or Oscars watch party, get access to your shows in crystal clear HD.



Packing Cubes

If you have not traveled with packing cubes yet, baby, you have not LIVED. Get 30 percent off this set so you can keep all your outfits totally organized without having to worry about unfurling all your hard work of folding or rolling if you need to rummage around in your bag later. 



Instant Pot

If you're big on cooking and/or multitasking, the Instant Pot will be a godsend for you. Granted, the 30 percent off discount is not as steep as it was last year, but it's still worth thinking about.

It combines a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, and more into one appliance, so if you're in a kitchen where space is at a premium, or the time you have to cook for yourself is limited, it's a great investment.



External Battery

I can't begin to tell you the myriad ways in which keeping an external battery on me has been a lifesaver. Whether you're expecting to have an especially busy day at work, doing a lot of travel, or just plain forgot to charge your phone, keeping an extra battery pack in your purse or your car can turn your whole day around.

There are a number of different options available for Prime Day depending on how much juice you need or how sleek you want your battery to be.



External Hard Drive

They say not all heroes wear capes, but all heroes definitely have external hard drives. The next time your computer crashes, you'll be totally prepared and you'll impress your Genius Bar rep when they ask you, "So, have you backed up your computer?"

Keep your files backed up and save yourself a heart attack. Depending on how much memory you need, there are a bunch of great options on sale.



10 ft iPhone Cable

Sure, 10 feet of cable sounds excessive at first, but think about it this way—when you're lying in bed at night scrolling through your timeline, you could be sprawled out however you want instead of leaning over the corner of your bed in order to keep your phone plugged in at the same time. Welcome to the lap of luxury.



Halflinger House Slippers

After a hard day of shopping some for dank deals, it's time to kick your feet up. These durable wool house slippers are going to keep your toesies nice and toasty, and you'll feel even better about how they, too, were an extra 30 percent off.

Words: Tori Borengasser
Photos: Daria Kobayashi Ritch/Amazon