Here's Why People Who Swear Are The Fucking Best


If you’re the type of person who loves to swear, holy shit, have we got some news for you: Scientists at Keele University in the UK have found that “swearing makes people more able to tolerate pain.”

Participants completed isometric handgrip tests and intense interval rides on a stationary exercise bike—once after a swearing sesh and once after not swearing. And you guessed it; the results showed that study participants produced more bicycle power and a stronger handgrip in after swearing.

So, the next time you’re breaking a sweat at the gym, just tell the person on the elliptical next to you that your potty mouth and strong self-hype game is actually helping you work out harder.

The study was a follow-up to a 2009 study in which participants held their hand in a bucket of ice water for as long as they could and were then asked to either repeat a swear word of their own choosing, or a neutral word, like “wooden” or “brown.”

The participants who were allowed to let ‘er rip were able to tolerate the pain for almost twice as long. They concluded that swearing promoted a higher pain tolerance and decreased perceived pain when compared with not swearing. That’s some pretty cool shit.

But hold on one goddamn second—they also discovered that the more a participant swore in daily life, the less beneficial swearing was for their pain tolerance.

So, if you’re using foul language on the daily, shouting an expletive the next time you stub your toe won’t help to lessen the pain as much as it would for someone who tends to keep it PG-13.

Ugh, maybe mom was right after all: Save your profanity for when it really counts.

—Tori Borengasser